Orthodox Jewish Community in Scranton PA

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Nestled alongside the Pocono Mountains in Northeast Pennsylvania, lies the historic town of Scranton.  Contained within it is the Orthodox Jewish community in Scranton which also boasts of a long and storied tradition. The friendly, warm environment coupled with an atmosphere of spiritual growth have attracted generations of Jews to come and settle here. Please familiarize yourself with our community and we are sure that you will find Scranton to be an attractive option.

The Scranton community offers all of the amenities of the
“Big City” in a “Small Town” setting.

Orthodox Jewish Community in Scranton PA

There are well-established Shuls which cater to all types of Orthodox Jews. The shuls include excellent facilities which house various other Jewish services such as a Shatnez laboratory, well-stocked Hebrew and English language libraries and even a Keilim Mikva. There is also a well-appointed Mikvah which occupies its own building within walking distance of the entire community.

Chinuch in Scranton is all-encompassing and both boys and girls have the option of remaining in town from their playgroup years through high school (and Bais Medrash). We have an outstanding Day School comprised of small classes led by experienced mechanchim, a well-known Yeshiva Gedola and many other high quality institutions of which we can boast.

The cost of living is an added incentive to anyone considering relocation especially from the New York or New Jersey areas as housing is very affordable and a simple lifestyle is the style. Tuition as well, is considerably less than that of most schools around the country.

The Jewish community is tightly knit both socially and geographically and the eruv encloses the entire neighborhood as well as some of the downtown area. We are located less than a two hour drive from Monsey and just a bit further from other major Jewish centers such as New York City, Lakewood, Northern New Jersey and Baltimore.

Kosher food is readily available in the fully stocked coop grocery which is located on the Yeshiva campus. There is a local bakery and a number of supermarkets with a large selection of Kosher products.

Contact us to come and experience Scranton for a Shabbos and you’ll want to stay forever!

The Scranton Jewish Community: A Loving Model of Ve’ohavta Lereyacha Kamocha